Our Products are robust and designed to achieve maximum durability while obtaining the lowest possible weight. Our heads are 30-40% lighter than the competition, which allows you to decrease soil compaction and increase header size without upgrading your combine.

Main Features

Basket: Our heads are manufactured with a highly durable stainless steel basket to help with corrosion and wear over time.

Gear Boxes: Aluminum gear boxes are one of the main components that makes our head a light weight product. We have been producing aluminum gear boxes for 15 years due to its lightweight and similar strength to steel.

Hydraulic Deck Plates: Our heads come equipped with hydraulic deck plates to allow easy movement from inside the cab and less head shell during harvest. The deck plates adjust one inch for ideal harvest conditions.

Stalk Knife Rolls: Strong nodular cast iron knife rolls, including tempered edges.

Individual Safety Clutch: Each row has its own individual safety clutch to protect the gear box from foreign objects.

Chopper: Our chopper is made of aluminum and has its own gear box separate from each row and also is independently equipped with a safety clutch. Each unit can be activated or deactivated depending on your harvest needs. The blades are manufactured in Tennessee and are coated with tungsten, which gives them greater hardness and durability. 

Hydraulic Roll a Cone: To help collect corn in complex situation during harvest. Effective in down corn and a bonus with standing corn.

Header Control: Our corn heads are equipped with Headsight header height control to automatically adjust to the terrain.

Snouts: We offer poly snouts manufactured by GVL in Minnesota. We also offer stainless steel and painted steel snouts.


Stalk Stompers: Helps protect the combine tires, extending their useful life from premature deterioration.

Corn Reel: To help harvest down corn.

Trailers: We manufacture heavy-duty trailers for our own heads.

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