This head was designed considering the particular characteristics of the sunflower plant in order to achieve a clean harvest and minimizing the losses to the maximum possible thanks to its register of entrance of trays that allows it to adapt to the width of each stem and head size of sunflower. To achieve the best harvest in any condition of work and soil. It is lightweight equipment that allows increasing the width of work and maximizing the efficiency of the combine. 

Main Features

Registration of trays, this allows the equipment to achieve maximum efficiency during the harvest as they are regulated according to the size of each crop. 

Hydraulic screen, this piece is essential in the process of entering the plants to the head as it is the piece that first comes into contact with the plant and gives the appropriate inclination to the sunflower head, being its hydraulic adjustment allows the driver adapts at the moment to the different types of heights of plants and in this way achieve a more efficient harvest. 

Hydraulic finger tube: this piece is the one in charge of pushing with its nails of soft form to the head of sunflower, therefore the same one admits different manual regulations of height considering the different sizes of plants that can exist in each field, and the hydraulic adjustment of the speed allows the driver a more harmonious collection and depending on the flow or flow of plants that enter into the unit that is made from the command of the combine. 

Span plant remover, this piece is essential to ensure that no material is added to the harvester and in this way obtain greater productivity of the machine and minimize losses of it. 

Cutting bar: it is armed with forged points and sections of own manufacture that have an induction hardening process that guarantees durability, giving the unit an excellent cut of stems. 

Box of blades, of own manufacture with Schumacher design that gives an excellent performance and durability to the head.



Toe cap extension for sunflower fallen: to help in the cases of fallen plants or crossing in the lines of sowing 

Superior 15 inches defense: In the case of tall sunflowers avoids the loss of chapters through the back of the headactured in different measures of width of work according to the attached picture.

Manufactured in different measures according to the attached picture:


Standard sizes Description Weight Work width 
1070 Sunflower head 4100 pounds 21 feet
1270 Sunflower head 4850 pounds 25 feet
1470 Sunflower head 5480 pounds 30 feet
1670 Sunflower head 6170 pounds 35 feet
1870 Sunflower head 6600 pounds 39 feet
319 8254970