American Farm Equipment was established in 2015 by the interest and motivation of our parent company, Franco Fabril. Our head base of operations is located in Grundy Center, Iowa, where we have started penetrating the market with products produced and manufactured by our parent company located in Argentina. 

Our Parent Company, Franco Fabril, is a privately-owned family company born in 1973 as a small workshop to repair agricultural machinery. Since 1973 Franco Fabril has grown to be the second largest manufacturer of heads in Argentina and continues its success world-wide. Franco Fabril heads have been sold in major agricultural markets for more than 15 years having success in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay and now, the United States. To achieve this exponential growth, significant investments in technology and equipment have been made continuously over the past 20 years. Today the factory has state of the ark technology, 150 employees, and an annual production of more than 600 heads. 

Franco Fabril makes all its external sales in markets through a network of first level dealers in 10+ countries. American Farm Equipment is the first direct investment made outside of Argentina where our employees sell and service direct to farmers. With a go-to-market strategy of direct selling, we can provide competitive pricing, excellent service, and high quality products the American farmer deserves.


For more than 40 years, our group has been selling heads in Argentina and for more than 20 years in the main agricultural countries of the world. This allowed us to obtain extensive knowledge on harvesting practices in main world markets and to adapt/customize our products to the needs of each market.


Our Mission is to help the American farmer in a downward turn agricultural market. We can help provide harvest sustainability by offering products with excellent quality, personalize to farmer needs, and competitive pricing.


Dario Franco
Dario FrancoPartner and Product Director
Juan Manuel Hernandez
Juan Manuel HernandezPartner and Commercial Director
Eugenia Franco
Eugenia FrancoPartner
Fernanda Franco
Fernanda FrancoPartner
Luciana Rojo
Luciana RojoPartner and Human Resources Director
Italo Carlos Viglierchio
Italo Carlos ViglierchioPartner
Dustin Woebbeking
Dustin WoebbekingSales Manager
Brody Fisher
Brody FisherProduct and Service Department
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